Hi! I'm James

I'm an Electrical Information Engineering student at Imperial College London. I fell in love with programming at an early age, and am now trying to find my way in a career as a software engineer.

My Dad has the sole claim to responsibility when it comes to my love of programming. Back when I was 6, he took me to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham. At that event, there was a stall for Codecademy, teaching basic HTML and CSS. That day, I went home, and burned my way through the entire web development course.

Shortly after that, he got me a Raspberry Pi for my Birthday, along with a guidebook for Python, and I finally got my first taste of real code development. Since then, I've taken every opportunity to expand upon my programming skills through a multitude of personal projects.

My Biggest Project to date is SharkBot, a live-service Discord Bot that started off simple, but has now grown far beyond I could have imagined when I started, and has taught me more than I could recount about full-stack development, especially since the development of its' new accompanying website, SharkBot Online.

Please ignore the lorem ipsums, I'm still building this site :)